Cornish Country Meats is an established family business selling meat directly to the public, retail and restaurant trade. It was founded in December 2000 by Chris and Kathy Barrow who run a deer farm near St Neot, Liskeard. Their home and land are at Treverbyn Mill, by the picturesque banks of the river Fowey. The Barrow family have a heritage in farming that spans many generations and was historically in Lancashire. Chris’s father farmed for many years in South Africa and moved back to England and Treverbyn Mill in 1964. In those days the Mill was fully operational and Chris ground the corn and milked their fine herd of Jersey cows from a very young age. Ultimately, however, diversion of water to feed the nearby Colliford reservoir drove the 17th century mill into disuse. Falling prices prompted Chris to seek an alternative to dairy farming.
A growing awareness of venison, as a healthy low fat meat option, suggested to Chris a viable business opportunity. He took advantage of this in 1989 and invested in a herd of purebred Hungarian deer, noted for the quality of their meat. The deer have been hand reared and fed on the purest of foods - grass, silage and fodder beat, not to mention a constant supply of molasses lick, which they love!
For some years Chris and Kathy sold their venison to a national Supermarket chain, but suffered ever-increasing pressure to reduce their prices. Ultimately they could go no further and out of necessity were forced to consider alternative ways of doing business. So was born the idea of selling meat direct to the customer. This now includes beef, pork, lamb, poultry, wild boar,water buffalo, ostrich, Australian kangaroo and African springbok.